Gigging with Danny Cavanagh and more...

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Gigging with Danny Cavanagh and more...

Mensaje por Franneke el Miér Mar 18, 2009 3:43 pm

Hello all!

From the far far away continent of America, I've returned to home sweet Holland with some very nice events in sight!
Watch our Latin American adventures at YouTube.

First off, I am happy to let you know that Danny Cavanagh and I will perform 2 shows together in Tilburg, the Netherlands.
They will take place at the Little Devil on the 29th and 30th of March at 8.30 pm.
Order your tickets and join us there!

I will be appearing on two Dutch radio shows:

March 21 - Radio 2 - Cappuccino - between 9 am and noon.
March 22 - 3FM - Xnoizz - between 11 pm and 1 am.

And the tour goes on... In big and tiny form. To present our latest album Pure Air,
I will do a number of instore gigs:

March 29 - Velvet Recordshop - Delft - 3.30 pm (together with Danny Cavanagh!)
April 3 - Plato Recordshop - Utrecht - 5 pm
April 18 - Sounds Recordshop - Venlo - 4 pm

Come by and say hi, we'll make some nice music and have a chat.

On April 12 I will be joining Antimatter on stage at Perron 55 in Venlo, the Netherlands.

See y'all there!

X Anneke


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