Joris Dirks Biography

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Joris Dirks Biography

Mensaje por sephiroth el Miér Mar 18, 2009 2:16 pm

In the beginning of the summer 2004 alternative emo/rock band Moodswing sadly split up after only five years and one album. But the ambitions of singer/guitarist Joris Dirks are still growing each day. Therefore the young songwriter from ‘s-Hertogenbosch decided to collect all his latest songs and shape them in the form of a solo album, which will be released probably this year.

In his songs Joris Dirks tells you all he knows and all that he’s sorry for in life, in love and in vein. Music so naked and obsessed with personal darkness that you can only close your eyes and let it roll over you. And swallow that big hump in your throat after each song. His high pitched melodies crawl between restrained guitars who are only there to accompany his dazzling voice.

Joris Dirks will be on the road to promote his first solorecord somewhere near the end of the summer. Catch up with him while you can or you might regret it in the end.




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